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JIVA Glucosip Mango Flavour 550 gm

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  • An instant energy drink to combat low energy or exhaustion
  • Available in four delicious flavors: orange, mango, strawberry, and nimbu paani
  • The goodness of glucose, vitamins, and minerals in a refreshing drink
  • Safe to be had by pregnant women as well
  • Get 10% free on both small and large packets of GlucoSip of 250 and 500gms each.



Jiva GlucoSip is a restorative energy drink that helps you forget fatigue and fight listlessness. Anytime you feel low on energy, simply add a few teaspoons of Jiva GlucoSip to water and you have a refreshing drink that recharges you in a matter of minutes. Rich in glucose, sucrose, vitamins and minerals, Jiva GlucoSip can be enjoyed by anyone, even pregnant women or patients recovering from an illness.


  • Sucrose
  • Glucose monohydrates
  • Vitamin C
  • Minerals like calcium and phosphorous
  • Common edible salts
  • Natural & artificial flavor and coloring


Add 4 tsp. (Approx 35 gm) of Jiva GlucoSip in a glass of water (200 ml) and stir. You can also add Jiva GlucoSip to sweet dishes, ice creams, puddings, fruit salad, and hot and cold drinks to give an invigorating twist to your favorite food.


Jiva GlucoSip acts as first aid during illness or pregnancy. It’s a great pick me up when you’re feeling low on energy or completely drained.


The combination of sucrose, glucose, vitamin C, calcium, and phosphorous revives the body and mind, gives you instant energy, and keeps you active for longer.



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Weight 550 g

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